Each year, we give away great prizes that have been given to us by local businesses, campus entities, and more- as we secure prizes, we’ll add them here!   Overnight Stay at the Yarrow Resort & Conference Center, Park City- Utah Donated by: Justin Neville Gift Cards, Free Food, and […]

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A Nearly Naked Runner on campus and through the Miller Administration Building? Yep- It’s Nearly Naked Mile Season.

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This year marks the 4th annual Nearly Naked Mile, and each year the event grows bigger and bigger. While the event is held at the beginning of the winter season, it has only snowed on the Naked Mile once in the 4 years- and when it finally did – it […]

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The 4th Annual Nearly Naked Mile is sponsored by the Weber State University Student Association Senate- If you have an issue or idea for improvements that could be made to the campus, We’re here for you!  The Weber State University Student Association Senate has the special task of researching issues […]

Sponsored By The WSUSA Senate